March 3, 2013

Last Blog: Celebration!

Glow Run 2012
(The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)

Melissa continues to build herself up emotionally, spiritually, and physically! She enjoys her body pump and zumba classes. Melissa is working toward completing her fourth year of teaching kindergarten! The little ones keep her on her toes all day!

Thursday, February 21, 2013, was the morning of her CT scans and lab work. We did not meet with Dr. Bierman, her oncologist, until this past Thursday, February 28, 2013.Her test results were all good! Melissa has graduated to appointments every 6 months! We continue to thank God and all of you for your wonderful prayers!

 Melissa's life is back a to "new normal". Her hair is growing and is high-lighted! (She had to wait one year from her last chemo treatment before she could have her hair treated!) She tires easily and enjoys a nap here and there! Her exercise workouts continue to build her strength!

Melissa and Craig
Yet the best "new normal" for Melissa is her fiancee, Craig! They met this past summer. As Melissa says," It's amazing! Guys like you when you have hair!" Craig and Melissa became engaged in January. It was the 2 year anniversary since her diagnosis. Craig had no idea that it was the actual weekend of her diagnosis. Such a special time for Melissa!

This Hodge Podge Blog is now ending. Melissa will  be starting on a new journey... her future with Craig!

We thank you for all of your prayers and support! Faith, family, and friends have all contributed to Melissa's good health! Hodgkins Lymphoma has made her a stronger person! Craig has brought a light in her eyes that shine with excitement and love! We wish them both the best!!!

Life is Good! God is Great!!!

Thank you!

One final note...Melissa's "Hodge Podge"  blog has had close to 40,000 hits since its beginning in February 2011!!!

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