November 17, 2011

Reconnecting With the Doctors!

Today was our first day back to appointments. We began at Lakeside Hospital this morning. Melissa had an ultrasound on her left breast. She felt a hard lump. The good news is that it was scar tissue from her previous fibroid cysts that were removed when she was 17 years old.

In the afternoon Melissa had blood work done at UNMC at Village Pointe. Her lab work was great!

Next was our appointment with Dr. Bierman, her oncologist. He felt her neck and underarm and said the lymphnodes are normal. He was pleased with all lab results too!

Dr. Maribeth, her oncologist nurse, hugged her and remarked how good she looks! Steve, Melissa, and I are thrilled. We feel so blessed! Melissa's next appointment is February 16, 2012. It will consist of lab work, a CT scan, and Dr. Bierman's appointment.

As we continue to pray for Melissa, we now add Aunt Sally! Sally is Steve's sister, Melissa's godmother. She was diagnosed this week with lung cancer, stage 4. The lung cancer has spread to her brain. Radiation treatments have already begun on her brain. Chemotherapy for the spot on her lung will begin November 30th. She, too, is going to UNMC for her treatments.

As the holidays approach, we thank God for the oncologists at UNMC, and for the prayers and support we receive from all of you!

Thank you!