June 26, 2011

Eleven and One!

Melissa had her 11th chemo treatment on Thursday instead of Friday this past week, Dr. Bierman was on vacation on Friday. We gladly moved it up to keep her on the same cycle schedule for the treatments.

Melissa's friend, Nicole, joined us at the  UNMC Cancer Center at Village Pointe. The nurses and staff were very nice. The two pharmacists came out to meet Melissa and introduced themselves as her "bartenders".

Melissa and Nicole

Melissa was able to go to two College World Series games this week.

Shelby and Melissa enjoying hot chocolate at the stormy Monday night CWS game.

Melissa and Katie at the Friday night CWS game.

On Saturday, Melissa attended a friend's wedding. Her hair is getting very thin and light, so she decided to wear her wig. Melissa's wig looks like her real hair! When Melissa came home, she took off her wig, looked at me, and said humorously, "I look like a drag queen with full make-up on and a sweaty head!"

One treatment to go! Friday, July 8th, will be her 12th chemo treatment. Melissa will have a battery of tests done six to eight weeks after chemo #12.   These tests are scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th. It will be a full day at UNMC. The day will conclude with a meeting with Dr. Bierman.We are hoping to get the results during our meeting. We will be praying that all tests are negative and that Melissa will be in remission!

Melissa's attitude is  positive and her faith is strong! Prayers are powerful! We thank you for all of your  prayers and support!

June 19, 2011

Unexpected Trip to the UNMC

Melissa has been feeling her heart race along with some heartburn this past week. Thursday morning, she called Dr. Bierman's office and told them of her unusual feelings. An appointment was set up for Melissa that afternoon.

Steve, Melissa, and I were at the Med Center for 5 hours on Thursday.  The doctors told us that heartburn is a common side effect from chemo. However, blood clots in the lungs is also a side effect from chemo. To be on the safe side the doctors took many tests. Melissa had her blood checked, an EKG and a CT scan. The tests came back clean! Blood is good! EKG is good! CT scan is good! Melissa has heartburn, not blood clots!!!

This is the first time, Melissa, our "healthy patient", has experienced any side effects. The doctor told us to get an over the counter heartburn medicine, Prilosec. On the way home, we made a quick trip to Walgreens to purchase the medication.

Melissa has also been working on her portfolio this week for the completion of her master's degree.

Two chemo treatments to go and two graduate classes to go! Melissa is anxious to cross both of these items off her "To Do" list.

Melissa continues to stay positive even as she experiences this "bump in the road" heartburn! She just keeps looking forward to the finish line.

Thank you for your continuous prayers and support!

June 13, 2011

Chemo #10 Completed!

Wow! 10 down...2 to go! Melissa is so ready to be done!

Friday morning on our drive to UNMC, Melissa's brother, Matt, called to let her know he's thinking of her. He also posed a question for Melissa. She laughed and said, I'll ask Dr. Bierman."

As always, she begins with her lab work. Melissa's blood work continues to be low due to the cumulative chemo treatments. Dr. Bierman is not concerned. He stated it is protocol to "push forward". Years ago that would not have been the case. Needless to say, Melissa is glad to have her treatment as she is getting closer to the finish line!

Melissa mentioned to Dr. Bierman that she has a punch card where she buys her running shoes. When Melissa purchases ten pairs, the next one is free. She wondered if Dr. Bierman has a punch card so that her next chemo treatment would be free. He smiled, shook his head and said no. That was the question Matt presented to Melissa in the car.

Melissa continues to do well. She and Steve are currently reading a book titled, "Chemo Brain". In the book, Melissa would be described as a "healthy patient"; free of many of the side effects of chemo.

We feel the power of prayer is working strongly in her favor. Melissa is in God's hands! We are so very thankful for our faith, family, and friends!

June 6, 2011

A Change of Pace!

Summer brings a change of pace for Melissa. This past week was calmer, less stressful; with time for her to relax and rest. Melissa took some long walks, attended a workshop for school, socialized with friends, and even had a night out with her mother! Melissa and I went to see the Broadway play, "Wicked". We had a wonderful time!

Yesterday, Steve, Melissa, and I went to the "National Cancer Survivors Day" celebration. We arrived late but balloons, t-shirts, canvas bags, and smiles were all apart of our experience.

The pace picks up today. Summer grad school begins today. Melissa plays on a sand volleyball team and has a game tonight. She has chemo #10 on Friday.

Melissa is amazing with all of her energy! As parents, we worry about all she does. I have learned to text her with a code, "Melissa, you know you have more than a head cold." She texts back, "I get it, Mom!" Fortunately, Melissa knows her body and when it needs to rest, she does! The couch, then, becomes her bestfriend as she takes a nap.

Prayers are our family's best friend so please continue to pray. Melissa continues to say, "I'm going to BEAT this!" We agree 100%!!!!