June 22, 2012

Not Your Summer Cocktail of Choice!

Melissa had her scans Tuesday, June 19th. These tests are scheduled every 4 months. The tests include blood work and a CT scan from her mid thighs up to her chin.  Melissa's blood work and CT exam turned out great. We look forward to these appointments with excitement and anxiety.

Melissa met with Dr. Bierman at the end of the day. He continues to be pleased with all of the test results, also. Dr. Bierman remarked how well Melissa looks. He and Melissa had a wonderful conversation about  her progress as well as their summer plans. Melissa and Dr. Bierman talk like they are old friends getting together for coffee.

Summer has been very busy! Melissa has taken a couple technology classes and also taught at a science Camp Invention program. She schedules daily workouts to rebuild her stamina. Melissa's hair is now all her "real" hair, no more fuzz!

As the journey continues on Melissa's positive attitude shines! She is amazing!

Thank you for your prayers and support! Life is Good! God is Great!

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